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Our place

Hidden by the walls of the 1700-year-old Diocletian's palace, sits our enchanted private terrace, neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the old towns very center.

Crafted in stone, sheltered from the sun by the Milesi palace and our gracious 70-year-old fig tree that caringly shields our guests from the sun, our terrace offers the perfect ambiance  for you to create moments in life with us.

Our house bears centuries of history in hospitality where some of the greatest laid their head. The greatest of them all, Croatian poet Tin Ujević created sitting here and drew inspiration from the unparalleled ambiance.

Every wooden piece was handcrafted by our in-house carpenter and presents a work of art in its own right.

Our open type cuisine allows you to glimpse at where the magic happens before it is presented to you so you can understand every delicious secret the Dalmatian cuisine hides.

Our family

At Makarun, we are all part of a family or extended family. Being part of a family makes rising up to challenges seamless. The challenge we chose, our sole mission every day, is to make our guests smile and be happy for a while.

We are blessed with our organic garden, our friends who provide only the best fish and meat Croatia can offer, our knowledge of wine and Dalmatian cuisine as well as experience in exceptional service to help us achieve this goal.

Come visit us and experience the taste that we have been crafting for years as we would be proud to present you with it.

Chef's menu
A la carte

Our love of wine

To provide our guests with the experience they deserve, cooking the best we can was never going to be enough. We also needed great wine to make your time with us complete and well rounded. We searched for, travelled to and befriended only the best winemakers in Croatia so we can be proud to say that what we pour is liquid gold. 

When we did that, we still wanted more so we travelled the seven seas, and selected the most exquisite wines that we could acquire from around the world.

When we did that, we still wanted more so we formed an archive of wines consisting only of the best vintages of 20th and 21st centuries.  

Our quest will never stop, and this is how we know that if you ask for the best, we’ll be able to serve the best.

Chef's table

Our pursuit for excellence led us to discover new heights – by welcoming You on our glamourous rooftop terrace overlooking the ancient allure of the Diocletian's palace.

Here an open style kitchen, a luxurious handcrafted table and lounge area await our special guests in search for a private setting.

Our head Chef, accompanied by his sous chef, personally cooks only for you, using the hand selected ingredients that he deemed best on the morning of the dinner. He presents you with the most exquisite 8 courses conceivable on the day.

Our head Sommelier, accompanied by a servitor, sees to it that every course is accompanied by the perfect drop of wine and guides you by the hand throughout the experience.


Honour us by letting us help You create an everlasting moment. We offer a unique private setting on our secluded white stone terrace overseen by a 70-year-old fig tree.

The traditional Dalmatian cuisine with a contemporary touch, pristine service and enchanting wines shall be the magic touch to Your perfect memory.

Whether it is a wedding, engagement party or any kind of reception, be it professional or personal we will tailor it to your unique taste.

As we are all members of a family or extended family, we understand the importance of together time being memorable.
We also create a unique ambience in Your setting by serving our food and bringing our joy if You decide to employ our catering services.
If You are interested, please contact us via

Hospitality consulting

Hard work, investing in knowledge, constantly pushing ourselves forward as a team has made us persevere and gain worthy experience in our filed. Whether it is our restaurant or hotel, we are proud to say that every year we are better than the previous one. Over time, we have built something that bring us great pride.

Thus, we humbly offer our services and the unique set of skills our team possesses.

Whether it is developing operational plans, organization of the procurement system, increasing staff productivity, systematization of processes, menu development, wine list creation, guest relations, marketing, sales or establishment of the entire business cycle, we are prepared to help you implement the gold standards we hold so sacred in our approach.

If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact us at